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5 Podcasts to Get Your Creativity Flowing


There are a TON of podcasts out there and the topics range from everything to history to church communications to cats (what would the Internet be without cats?). Podcasts are a great way to get creativity flowing—listening to a good story or learning something new can spark your imagination and get you thinking in new ways.

Here are five great podcasts I can’t stop listening to:

  1. The Portfolio Life with Jeff Goins
    This one is more about writing itself, but Jeff interviews all sorts of interesting people, mostly authors, on a variety of topics. Some of my favorites have been his chat with Seth Godin about sharing your art with the world, his conversation with Andy Andrews about the power of story, and his own thoughts on a life-improving habit
  2. The Lede from Copyblogger
    I didn’t realize there have been new episodes since June, so I haven’t listened to the newest ones, but their series on curating content was full of great ideas for bloggers.
  3. Serial
    This is a new NPR podcast that tells one story over a season’s worth of episodes rather than multiple stories in one episode. This season they’re following the story of a teenage girl who was murdered in 1999. They’re covering the case from multiple angles, interviewing everyone who will talk to them, and even tracking down people who weren’t there for the court case. There are only three episodes up right now, but they post a new one every Thursday morning.
  4. Snap Judgment
    This one is my favorite. It’s another NPR show. Each episode features several stories that fit with that week’s theme, like “Reunion,” “Chain of Command,” or “Rage Against the Machine.” The stories are interesting, well-told, and often informative. And there are over 500 episodes so, unlike Serial, I may never catch up.
  5. Radio Lab and This American Life
    Okay, bonus. These are two different podcasts, but as far as I’m concerned, they’re pretty similar. Also from NPR, each episode is at least one fascinating story that will teach you something. They’re also similar to Snap Judgment, but the difference seems to be that these are more informative and Snap Judgment is more entertaining. Check out Radiolab’s “Juicervose” for a story about Autism and Disney movies and This American Life’s “Secret Identity” for a story about a teenage girl who found her calling in a tiger costume.
I haven’t done any research to see what my other options are, but I’ve been listening on Stitcher and I love it. It’s easy to add podcasts and organize them into categories of my choice. (I know you can also listen to iTunes, but I’m not a Mac girl.)
Happy listening!