Editing Services

Polish Your Writing. Keep Your Voice.

Do you want someone to polish your writing while preserving your voice and writing style? I work hard to keep your words and ideas while doing whatever I can to improve the clarity, consistency, and readability of your work. Whether you need help with a school paper, website copy, blog posts, a book manuscript, or something else, I would love to work with you!

I offer three levels of editing:

Line Editing ($3–5/page*)
Focuses on content and is the most involved. Gives overall impressions of the piece and offers feedback on structure, style, examples, transitions, etc.

Copyediting ($2–3/page*)
Focuses on accuracy in content, quotes, grammar, syntax, and facts. Includes corrections of sentence structure and syntax, grammar issues, attribution, etc.

Proofreading ($1–2/page*)
Focuses on details like punctuation, spelling, typos, and formatting.

Fees are based on the type of edit you’re looking for, the time commitment it requires, and a writing sample.

*1 page=250 words

Writing Sample
When you request a quote, I will request a five-page sample of the piece you’d like edited. If it’s five pages or less in length, please send the entire piece.

Contact me to request a quote for your project.