The Final Word

I’ve always known I probably care a little too much about what people think of me, but I figured it was a minor character flaw. Something little that didn’t really affect me too much, something that maybe someday I’d get over.

But I never really realized what a fundamental problem it is, how much it affects my identity, how much it affects how I see God.  Apparently God decided I needed to understand how damaging it is, because it’s been coming up EVERYwhere.

First our church did a series called “I Am.” I didn’t have any major takeaways or quotables, but it got me thinking about the topic. Then, I edited a curriculum for elementary-age boys that left me in tears because the authors told me that just because someone says something about me doesn’t make it true. Seems pretty basic, doesn’t it? But my response was, “It doesn’t? Really? I’ve been living my whole life like it does.” And then I read this post by Donald Miller and he cemented the message: “I do not believe God will ever, ever, lean over and ask any other human being whether or not I should be let into heaven. It isn’t going to happen.” Wow.

It’s still sinking in. But let me tell you, God is really changing how I see myself. It’s hard to change 28 years of thinking. And it’s also freeing. I’m still learning how to live in that freedom and be comfortable in my own skin.

Maybe you’re like me and you care too much what people think about you. Maybe you don’t understand what God says about you or why that matters when other people don’t know that. If that’s you, know this:

Just because someone says something about you doesn’t make it true. God knows your heart. And since He’s the final judge, that’s all that matters anyway.