Photo Credit: Ed Gostomski

Once upon a time, six years ago, when I was a lot skinnier and Jonathan was a lot geekier, we got married. We became officially the Youngs, Mr. and Mrs., husband and wife—us.

Maybe it’s selfish, but I’m not just celebrating my husband this year (though he is pretty awesome!). I’m celebrating who we are together—how we sharpen each other, how we inspire and encourage each other, how we challenge each other, how we love and respect each other. How we live together, laugh together, cry together (well, actually, that’s usually just me), and love Jesus together.


I’ll pick being together over just about anything else. (Unless it’s time to watch The Bachelor. On those nights, I’d prefer Jonathan take his snarky comments in the other room!)

I think one of the biggest “marriage events” we’ve had this year was investing in kayaks and a car rack to transport them. We’d been thinking about it for a while, and when we started looking around, the prices were discouraging. After a whole day of looking, we returned home, defeated and resigned to the fact that we just couldn’t afford it. It was one of the most depressing days of our relationship. But then we decided to forgo our summer vacation to get them and it became a lot more doable. The car rack ended up costing more than the kayaks, but we will both tell you it was a worthy investment. Finding active things we both enjoy has been a struggle, but kayaking is our solution to that problem.

I don’t know what our next year of marriage will bring, but I’m glad we get to do it together.