Jamberry Birthday Bash

20150422_212702_editedYesterday was my birthday (I was going to get this posted then, but I threw my back out—happy birthday to me!) and my friend Dana O’Brien is throwing me a Jamberry party to celebrate!

Intro to Jamberry

Chances are you’ve at least heard about Jamberry Nails. It’s a newer company (they just celebrated four years of business last week) that sells long-lasting vinyl nail wraps in over 300 designs, as well as salon-quality nail lacquers and other nail and hand care products.

I’m not a consultant like Dana, but I’m a Jamberry enthusiast. I’ve always loved having pretty nails (it makes my desk job much more exciting!), and Jamberry has upped the ante. No dry time. No chips. No scraping polish off my skin in the shower the next day. And a ton of designs to choose from that I could never reproduce myself. And did I mention NO DRY TIME? I can apply them right before bed and fall asleep without having to worry about smudges or sheet marks. It’s pretty amazing. I typically get two manicures, three pedicures, and a few accent nails out of a sheet.


Like nail polish, Jams aren’t completely fool proof, but the pros outweigh the tricky-ness of learning how to apply them. Now that I’m good at it, I can apply a set in about 20 minutes or less.

As much as I love using Jams on my hands, I especially love them for pedicures. They usually last me about six weeks and I only end up taking them off because the adhesive is wearing out, not because the design is!

Tips and Tricks

I’ve been using Jamberry long enough to have a few tips and tricks of my own. I used to only get about five days out of a set, but now that I’m using these techniques, I’m often able to get the two weeks that Jamberry advertises. I typically remove them when the end near my cuticle is lifting and getting caught in my hair (ouch!) because the adhesive is wearing out.

1. If you’re going to use Jamberry regularly, buy a mini heater. I got mine with a half-off coupon (I only paid $10!) and it’s a game changer. A hair dryer is just as effective, but the mini heater is SO MUCH easier.

2. When you’re heating your Jams before you apply them to your nails, be careful not to use too much heat. Most people will tell you the more heat, the better, but I kept going overboard and warping them. I couldn’t figure out why I was having problems with wrinkles, but when I started using less heat, the problem fixed itself.

20150512_193944_edited3. If you’re having lifting at the tips, don’t be afraid to clip them off. You’ll be able to tell, but no one else will. It’ll significantly increase the life of your jamicure.

4. If your nails are long enough and you’re at the point where your tips are looking really beat up, just clip your nails and re-file the jams. It’ll buy you a few more days, at least.

5. For pedicures, I use the smallest size. It fits all of my toes and is a great way to use up a size that’s too small for my fingernails. I also use it as a guide to cut down other pieces to pedicure size. If that size doesn’t work for you, use the tape trick. It’s a little more effort, but it works!

6. If you’re not sure you’ll like a specific design, look up pictures online so you can see it on someone else’s hands. My favorite way to do this is to search for the design’s hashtag on Instagram. (Did you know every design has one? Examples: #fizzygrapejn, #amorejn, #patriotjn. The formula is the same for every design: #designnameJN.)

20150616_091003_editedIf You’re Interested . . . 

Have I piqued your interest yet? Check out Dana’s website to see them for yourself and maybe place an order. (Any sales go toward my hostess rewards—my birthday gift for myself!) If you’re not convinced, let me know. I have a few samples and could send you one to try. And if you’re just too committed to your polish to try something different, check out Jamberry’s lacquers. My first Jamberry purchase was two lacquers and they’re AMAZING. They last at least 4–5 days without chipping and longer with a top coat. I’d compare them to Julep polishes, which are about the same price for less polish.