Brentwood’s Ward by Michelle Griep


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Nicholas Brentwood’s sister’s health is failing and he’s desperate for funds to move her out of the city. His opportunity arrives when he’s asked to serve as guardian for Emily Payne, a fiery, independent woman who doesn’t like to follow instructions. He figures it’ll be easy money, but before long, two people are dead and he has to figure out why—while also caring for his ailing sister and sorting out his feelings about Miss Payne.

I really enjoyed Brentwood’s Ward. I love the grittyness of Michelle’s writing style. It’s not as fluffy and flowery as most of the Christian fiction out there. And her characters aren’t immune to unfortunate circumstances and they don’t always make it out of danger’s way. They could easily be real people.

And Brentwood’s Ward is just a great story. There’s a lot at stake—beyond the romance—to keep you turning the pages. If you’re a fan of historical fiction (and even if you’re not) this is a great read. Grab a copy, cozy up by the fire (or a candle), and sip some tea while you get sucked in to the story.

Through January 19, you can get it on sale at Amazon!
$4.99  Kindle edition
$10.83 Paperback

And if you’re in the Twin Cities area, head over to the Burnsville Lifeway next Saturday afternoon to meet Michelle and get your book signed!

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