The Wayfinding Bible



I’m sad to say I’m just now getting this review up. I’ve had the Bible for . . . let’s just say it’s been a long time. But with no deadline, it was easy to push it off until later. So without further ado . . .

First things first: this Bible is a paperback, but it looks nice. The design is simple, clean, and pretty. (But don’t worry—it’s not too feminine for a guy!) It’s the New Living Translation, which is a paraphrase, not a literal translation, but I love that it gets me out of my NIV bubble and helps me to read with fresh eyes. It’s probably my favorite version to read from.

Right away, I loved the concept of this Bible. It has three main “routes” you can take through Scripture:

The Flyover Route—54 readings that give you an overview of biblical events

The Direct Route—215 readings that help you understand how the whole Bible fits together

The Scenic Route—386 readings that give you a new appreciation for God’s Word as you read familiar and unfamiliar passages

A fourth route, the Thru-Hike is listed in the back and takes you through the Bible chronologically.

And each reading isn’t just Scripture. Book introductions, historical markers, and other features provide background info, summaries, and maps to give you further insight into the text.

What I loved most about The Wayfinding Bible was the layout. Most reading-plan-focused Bibles I’ve seen have weird organization and passages are often re-arranged to fit the reading plan. But this one isn’t like that. While it looked confusing at first, a quick read of the User’s Guide in the first few pages made it easy to navigate each route (sorry—pun intended). And if you don’t want to follow any of the reading plans, you can skip around however you like and the “routes” don’t get in the way. Props to whoever designed it—it’s no small accomplishment!

If you zip through your daily Scripture to reading only to realize you have no idea what you just read (that’s me more often than I care to admit), The Wayfinding Bible would be a great tool to keep you on track. The frequent summaries and other features make it easy to follow along and keep tabs on what’s going on.

And if you’re looking for a Bible with a reading plan, go with this one! The four different reading plans will give you a deeper understanding of the scope of the Bible.

*I received a free copy of The Wayfinding Bible from Tyndale in
exchange for my honest review. My opinions are my own and were not influenced by the publisher.