Saturday in Duluth

A few weeks ago, we went up north for the weekend. We were both desperate for a vacation and it was glorious. We stayed at Grandma and Grandpa’s house (they’re in Arizona), slept in way too late, and spent Saturday in Duluth. It was nice enough to spend some time outside, and it was still cold enough for Lake Superior to be frozen, at least the part we could see. And yes, that is is a guy on a bike. He and another guy on a bike drove off across the lake. bikeandlighthouse

If you’ve been to Duluth, you’ve seen the old loading dock that people swim out to and jump off in summer. I would never be able to stand the water long enough to handle that. BUT we were able to walk out to it. I may or may not have been terrified of falling through the ice. And I maybe fell on my butt while a bunch of strangers watched. Maybe.


Jonathansarahloadngdock inloadingdock icewindow

To warm up, we spent a few hours at the Amazing Grace Cafe with our books (notice the creeper in the magazine rack next to Jonathan). Then we went to Va Bene (my absolute favorite restaurant in Duluth) and got some great pictures of the sunset.