Why not celebrate finally being able to say we’re only renting one apartment with pictures of our new place? We finally turned over our keys on December 15, and I’m so glad we’re done cleaning. But I was pretty proud when the building manager told us we had the cleanest shower he’d ever seen and that they’d probably keep the toilet seat since Jonathan soaked it in bleach. Too bad we didn’t keep it  that clean when we were actually living there.

Now that Christmas is over, I thought it’d be a good time to show off our Christmas decorations . . .

tree living-room





As I was looking back at the pictures, I realized how awful most of them are. It’s hard to take good pictures of your home when all of your daylight hours are spent in a cubicle 25 miles away. And when you’re not a photographer.

What you didn’t see is our laundry room, garage, kitchen, or huge storage closet, but you get the idea. Or the snow. Some of the pictures came before it snowed. It’s hard to imagine, what with the -20 million degree weather we’ve been having.

Anyway, that’s our home. I think we’ll stay awhile.