Gypsy Duke by Felicia Mires

Gypsy Duke

I was wrong. Good self-published novels exist. At least one does, anyway.

After going to school for professional writing and learning about traditional publishing when I interned at a publishing house, I tend to be pretty skeptical about self-published books. I’ve edited a few written by people I know, but I didn’t know this author, and I wasn’t sure what to expect.

In Gypsy Duke, the next Duke of Somerset is forced to flee his home and Kitty, his young betrothed, when his uncle takes control of the estate and threatens his life. His mother sends him to live with the gypsies until he is old enough to legally take over operation of his father’s holdings. But when the government needs his help, he stays away longer and Kitty, who is at home waiting for him, can wait no longer.

When the author asked me for a review, she mentioned it would be a good read for fans of Julie Klassen. She was right. Though I can’t vouch for the historical accuracy (I don’t know anything about gypsies), the multi-dimensional characters, romance, and intriguing plot made it a great story for those who enjoy Klassen’s page-turners.

Though I found a few minor errors and stylistic annoyances (like insure instead of ensure and the over-use of certain sentence structures), they weren’t distracting, and most readers wouldn’t even notice them.

So if you’re impatient for Klassen’s new book—The Dancing Master—to be released in January, read Gypsy Duke while you wait. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

*I reviewed this title at the request of author (previously unknown to me). I downloaded the book when it was available for free on Amazon. The opinions expressed are my own and were not influenced by the author.  

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