Running Update


On Friday, November 29, we’re kicking off the holiday season by running our first 5K!

Jonathan and I are headed to Michigan to spend Thanksgiving with my family, which means we’ll be there for the annual 5K and holiday parade. I remember watching the race before the parade every year, but I never ever thought I’d run it it. But now I’m registered and committed. Jonathan and probably my sister are doing it with me.

Running starts at 6:00 p.m., and it’s gonna be chilly (but I still hope it snows). I spent part of my day looking for just the right gear to keep me warm while I run. Now I just have to figure out what cutesy, Christmasy thing I’m going to “decorate” myself with for the race. I’ve seen people run dressed as presents, complete with cardboard boxes—I won’t be doing that. Maybe I’ll crochet some snowflakes? Any ideas?


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