Lately I’m . . .

Moving. Official moving day was October 13, so we’ve been in the new place for just over two weeks. All of our boxes were gone after three days. I have this problem where I can’t relax until something like that is done. So I took two mornings off work and did it. Our garage is full of empty boxes, but at least I can’t see them from the couch.

Now we just need to find a good deal on a used washer and dryer. Any pointers?

We’re still paying for the old place at least until the week of Thanksgiving (and probably through December, depending on how much time we want to devote to fighting the property management company), and we have to go back to take some things to Goodwill and make the place spotless. Eventually I’ll get that done.

This is the old place before we left. Pictures of the new place coming soon!


Getting lost on purpose. Kinda. We don’t know our new area at all. At least, we didn’t. We’ve done an awful lot of driving around just to see what we can see—usually without even turning on the GPS. Sometimes that’s the best way to get your bearings. But I keep having this problem where I think of a certain direction as the “front.” Does that make any sense? Whether it does or not, it’s confusing the heck out of me. Some day I’ll know where I am.

Adjusting. I’m still mourning the loss of our old location. It was so close to everything—Trader Joe’s, the gym, Target. Now we’re at least 10 minutes from anything. And I can’t figure out which Target to go to because you can draw a 10-minute circle around where we live and find a Target in any direction. But at least our apartment finally feels like home.

Visiting LaCrosse. Jonathan’s sister Jennafer is currently living in LaCrosse, Wisconsin, and the whole family (minus two) went to visit her. Joanthan’s parents brought their boat and we spent the afternoon cruising the Mississippi. I’ve always loved driving through that area on road trips because the scenery is gorgeous. And fall is no different . . .




 Loving fall. Really, this just means that I’m anticipating snow. I do like the pretty leaves for awhile, and the crisp air is refreshing, but I’m really just waiting for that first accumulation. We had a few flurries the other day…

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Going deeper. Our Life Group is doing the first book in the 2:7 series from the Navigators, which has me reading my Bible on a  daily basis and digging for things that stick out to me. It’s always been so easy for me to speed read and not learn anything, but having to write down what I’m learning and reading a different version (ESV­—usually I use NLT) has made a difference. Right now I’m in Hebrews. We’ve already read Luke and Daniel.

In addition to that, I’m also reviewing The Wayfinding Bible from Tyndale, and that has me reading even more. Last night I read about the flood.


I’m hoping to find more time for blogging now that we’re settled in. We might even get Internet at home, which is something we haven’t had since I used dial-up to finish my online classes almost four years ago. We shall see.