Vacationing in the Twin Cities (Home Sweet Home)

Our vacation last week was wonderful. Not quite as exciting as some of the other trips we’ve taken (like last year’s visit to Yellowstone), but we did a lot of fun things. So many things that it needs to be two posts. So here’s a taste of what we did in the Twin Cities . . .

On Saturday, we took a free tour of the state capitol building in St. Paul. (And went to Cosetta for dinner. Yum! It’s huge with all the remodeling they’ve done—but still crowded.)

Capitol capitol-intern


gold-horse city-view

On Sunday, we went to Redeemer Bible Church in Minnetonka and heard some good preaching. (When we were trying to find a church a few years ago, we almost landed at Redeemer because R.W. Glenn is just so good.) Call me a heathen if you want, but I told Jonathan I wanted to take a break from our normal church while we were on vacation. I love it, but I spend six days a week there and sometimes I just need a break. It was good to do something different. And God taught me a lot about myself. Like the fact that church is not about me. Go figure, huh?

And then we went to see a free production of As You Like It in Wolfe Park. Wonderful. The whole point is to make Shakespeare more accessible and they did a good job of that, but I still wish I had known the story going into it.

as-you-like-it-crowd as-you-like-it-play as-you-like-it-play2

On Monday, we ate at the Good Day Café and visited the Minneapolis Farmer’s Market (yummy fresh strawberries, sweet corn, and potatoes!) and The Walker Art Center, which is Minneapolis’ modern art museum. What a waste of $24. Others had warned me, but I wanted to experience it for myself. Next time I will trust others’ judgement. The free sculpture garden is worth a visit though (Cherry on a Spoon, anyone?). On a happier note, the Glazed Donut Pancakes at the Good Day Café were amazing.

Tuesday we spent much of the day downtown. We stuffed ourselves at Fogo de Chao, a Brazilian steakhouse we went to for lunch. It’s super pricey, but really good. I would be content to go and have nothing but the salad bar! After that, we visited the downtown library (not as impressive as I had hoped, though the moving stacks were cool). And we ended the day with Clybourne Park at the Guthrie. It was a fantastic production of one writers’ response to A Raisin in the Sun. (It’s playing for another week or so—go see it!) And if you’re under the age of 30, check out their 30 Below program to get rush tickets without having to stand in line!

(The yellow-tinted pictures were taken through yellow windows at the Guthrie.)

Stone-arch-bridge gutherie-view endless-bridge

Wednesday through Friday, we were enjoying the North Shore. Stay tuned for another post about that.

We got back on Friday night and hit the ground running again on Saturday with donuts from Wuollet Bakery, chai from Tea Garden, and our books at Lake Calhoun. Then we attended a friend’s wedding celebration BBQ and laughed until we cried at Comedy Sportz (I wish we could afford to go every week!).


Sunday morning was spent at Emmanuel Christian Center (the big church Jonathan’s family went to when he was growing up), playing Frisbee golf in Edina (please don’t make fun of my form—I don’t pretend to be good), and spontaneously taking an hour-long road trip to Square Lake Park in Marine on St. Croix, where the water is clear and warm enough for a swim.



Such a busy week, but so fun. I’m already dreaming of next summer’s vacation. Somewhere awesome (I hope!).

Any ideas?