100 Miles

I finished all 100 miles of my Run for the Border goal this morning! And as I write this, Jonathan is working on his last 5k. I did a lot more running than biking and walking this week because all I could think about was how small a physical sacrifice on my part is compared to what the refugees have to experience on a daily basis.

Unfortunately, we’ve only raised $255 of our $500 goal, but that’s still 2,150 meals for the refugees! It’s not too late to donate, though. So if you can help, please visit our donation page. It would only take 25 people (technically, only 24.5) donating $10 each for us to be able to provide 5000 meals.


The 11 people from our church who are running 100 meals in four days are almost there—they’ve got another 18 miles to go tomorrow morning.

In case you missed it, read more about what we’re doing here.