Well, this has never happened before.

Sometimes not having Internet at home is a real bummer. Like when you can’t post what you just wrote. Or when your friend sends you an email that you can’t read. Or when it causes you to get locked out of your apartment . . .

I was sitting in the community room, happily cruising on Pinterest (I haven’t done that in forever!) while my husband waited for his dad to get off work so they could go play racquetball. Eventually he called and Jonathan went back to the apartment, grabbed his stuff, LOCKED THE DOOR, and left. And when it was time for the community room to close and me to go to bed, I walked back down the hall and found myself locked. out.

No big deal. It’s just 10:00 and I have to get up at 6:15 for work tomorrow. Not to mention I’m tired. And I’m not even in my pajamas. And let me tell you—I would really like to be. It’s unusual if I’m not in my pajamas within 30 minutes of getting home from work.

Now this is not Jonathan’s fault (as much as I might wish it was). I knew my keys were on the kitchen table. And I knew my husband ALWAYS locks up when he leaves.

Hopefully he gets home soon.

(This is the home I’m locked out of. Don’t worry—we have furniture now.)