Turning 101

100000miles by Peat BakkeGuys, right after I clicked “publish” for my last post, WordPress told me it was my 100th post. I had planned a small celebration for that milestone, and I missed it! I felt kinda like I did when I realized two miles after the fact that my car had surpassed 100,000 miles. So I’m going to celebrate with my 101st post instead.

First of all, thanks for sticking with me through lots of writing tips, a somewhat irregular posting schedule, and a few months’ absence earlier this year. And my love of snow. You didn’t even stop following me when I dropped that bomb. Wow. You’re awesome. (For the record, I did not ask for the 7–12 inches of snow Minnesota is supposed to get tonight.)


(Photo credit: Peat Bakke)

To celebrate, here are a few of my most popular posts:

And a few of my favorite posts:

A few of the best books I’ve reviewed:

And a few writing tips:

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