Heat Intolerance

turtles-in-sun(Turtles are crazy. You will never see me doing this.)

Yes, I love winter. But let me give a disclaimer: by posting this, I am in no way trying to beat off spring with a stick (or an icicle, as the case may be). I love spring––it’s my favorite time of year. It needs to come two weeks ago. But after spring comes summer, and that’s when things get really tricky.

Over the years, I’ve learned that my fair skin, blue eyes, and strawberry blonde hair make me a prime target for sunburn, sun poisoning, and heat rash. And it’s really fun when I get all three at the same time, let me tell ya.

It’s also fun when people think I’m crazy because I avoid sitting in the sun at all costs, I think anything above 75 degrees is too hot, and when we go out on the boat with Jonathan’s family, I wear a huge floppy hat and hide under towels––and I mean the-towel-is-over-my-head hiding.

Last year I missed work because I got heat exhaustion from walking around downtown Minneapolis for a few hours on a near-100 degree evening. My husband and sister-in-law were with me—they were both a little sweaty, but were largely unaffected, and I dragged behind them and repeatedly told them I was going to die.

Apparently I’m heat intolerant.

The middle of March in Minnesota is a weird time to post this. I know. When I woke up this morning, the guy on the news told me it was five degrees outside. And we’ve been in the twenties all week. But that didn’t stop me from getting some kind of rash all over my face just because I tried a new foundation with an SPF of 27. No sir, it did not. I just can’t win.